Frequently asked questions

  • What is a virtual server?

    Virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine typically provided with a UNIX family operating system (in most cases, Linux-based) and a guaranteed amount of system resources. Virtual server provides the same freedom as a dedicated server does, but costs much less. The customer receives root access to the server, static external IP address, routing tables and ability to install any necessary software.
  • How long does server activation take since the payment is accepted?

    Normally activation process is fully automated and takes only 10-15 minutes. In some rare special cases this operation may take from 6 to 12 hours.
  • Are system administrator services included?

    We provide an unmanaged service. That means, all software set-up, backup and other administrative tasks are in the customer's responsibility. The system administration services may also be provided by third-party companies of your choice.
  • Virtual server bandwidth and network speed

    We do not limit virtual server's connection speed, all available bandwidth is shared between all virtual servers present on the host node. The nodes themselves are connected to the routers at speeds from 100 MBit/s to 1 GBit/s depending on the location.
  • How to start working with the server?

    The server is typically accessible with SSH protocol, so first you need an SSH client. For Windows, we recommend PuTTY. Unix-family systems (like Linux or Mac OS X) are typically equipped with their own SSH clients out of the box. You will need an IP address assigned to your server, username "root" and the password from the activation letter.
    If you have a Windows Server operating system installed on your VPS, it is accessible with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). To access the server, you will need an IP address assigned to your server, username "Administrator" and the password from the activation letter.
  • Can I use VPS to install OpenVPN or similar services?

    Yes, non-public VPN services can be installed on all the KVM-based virtual servers. OpenVZ-based servers don't have necessary kernel modules and installation of such services on them is not feasible.
  • Can I use VPS for game servers?

    Installation of properly licensed game servers is feasible only on KVM-based VPS. The use of OpenVZ based servers for games and other resource-heavy applications is forbidden and may lead to an automatic halt of the application or the whole server.
  • Additional OpenVZ-based VPS limits

    The use of following applications on OpenVZ is prohibited:
    - Java applications
    - game servers
    - media streaming services
    - mass-mailing services
    - other resource-heavy applications
    In order to use any of these applications, please order a KVM-based virtual server.